4th May :: Skimmed, Clandestines & The Shh

Unfortunately Joe Gideon & The Shark have cancelled their appearance at V-Gen for unforeseen personal reasons but the party will still stand and kick arse with Indie pop shouters Skimmed, adolescent noiseniks Clandestines and lush surf kissed The Shh holding the banner for Maltese alternative music. Entrance at the door is €5 and bands kick off at 22:30.

As this shall be The Shh’ debut, Ramona Depares interviews Ian & Alison here

A note from Hairyamp: “Tickets for the night will now cost 5 Euros. For those who had previously purchased their tickets at the original price we can refund the difference at the door should you still want to attend. For those who will not attend please contact us to arrange a full refund”


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