5th May :: The V-GEN Birthfest – One Year On

Saturday 5th May 2012 marks the 1st birthday of V-Gen! Believe it or not, a year has already passed since we first opened our doors on that eventful night. During the past year, V-Gen’s stage has been used (and abused) 197 times by local and foreign bands alike and has seen tens of hundreds of people enjoy quality live music with a sound setup that live bands rightly deserve. We have really seen a countless amount of amplifiers, guitars, drums and all kinds of musical instruments going up and down that stage! V-gen has also been the only venue in this tiny island to host various events that cater for the alternative, punk, metal and extreme music fans.

Falcon’s Flying Circus
Frenzy Mono
Batteries not Included
Nomad Son 

These will all play under the same roof on Saturday 5th of May!

Entrance €10 and includes a free drink, First Band kicks off at 21:30!

There will also be a massive happy hour (and a half!) from 8.30pm to 10.00pm so make sure you come early! Offers include: Pitcher Spirits 10 shots @ €7.50 – Tray 12 shots @€7.50 – Spirits @ € 1.50 – Pitcher Cisk @ €5.50 !

Apart from the multitude of Maltese bands ranging from folk to rock and extreme metal, all of these foreign bands (some quite famous and big, others up and coming) have graced our stage: Blackbird Raum (US), Modena City Ramblers (IT), Cut My Skin(GER), Jaya the Cat (NL), Random Hand (UK), Vidi Aquam (IT), Children of the Damned (IT), VPAMC (UK), Discopolis (Scotland), The Shiver (IT), My Drug Hell (UK), Alfabox (IT), Jesper Ejrup (NL), Eimog (IT), Ethnamorte (UK) and Blasphemer (IT)!

During the past year we have met a lot great people who really have the passion for live music. It has been wonderful to have the support of so many people, so we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate V-Gen’s first b’day with a bang! We have teamed up with 6 local bands to guarantee a night full of rock’n'roll mayhem!

We will also have the great DJ Noel Mifsud from Allrock Malta and assisted by Kinnie who will be spinning all them good rock’n roll tunes to everyone’s liking from doors open at 8.30, between bands and till late night! (or early morning!) after the bands.

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