29th September :: Weeping Silence Album Launch

Launch concert of Weeping Silence’s third full-length album ‘For the Unsung’

Weeping Silence are preparing for this event with great enthusiasm to launch the album to the masses with a passion for metal and particularly gothic/doom. We hope to see all our friends there and the metal community which for so long has pushed the band forward. This year also coincides with the band’s 15th year anniversary! We are sure that this concert will be one to remember for years to come. The album will be packaged as a limited edition digipack – we hope you like it and grab a copy for yourself.
Pre-orders can be made directly to the band via fb or other social media.


The album is being released under Ravenheart Music Records.

‘For the Unsung’ was recorded by David Depasquale at Spine Splitter Studio (
Re-amped/mixed/mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio (
Vocals of Anders Jacobsson recorded at Dead Dog Farm Studio.
Produced by Brett Caldas-Lima & Weeping Silence.

Guest vocalist on ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ & ‘The Search Within’; – Anders Jacobsson (Draconian)

Album artwork by Jan Orkki Yrlund of Darkgrove (


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