8th September :: Saving Noah’s Ark Minifest

Batteries Not Included
Bark Bark Disco
12th Ode

Voice of a Generation Rock Club is organizing a concert in aid of Noah’s Ark to help in the running of the sanctuary.

We are inviting anyone who is interested to perform on Saturday 8th of September to give your support to this initiative.

We need the maximum support we can find from everyone as Noah’s Ark is caring for more than 120 dogs and recieves help and assistance from private indiviuals and volunteers. We wish to help as best we can and we will do it in the way we know best, that is, music!

We also urge everyone to help by bringing dog food which will be handed to Noah’s Ark. All proceeds from door entrance will go directly to Noah’s Ark. Band members will be rewarded with nice cold beers :)

If you are in a band and wish to perform on the day, or wish to help in any way or another, please send an email to

For more information about Noah’s Ark, and for direct donations please visit
Reference article from Times Of Malta:


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