27th OCTOBER :: Tribute Concert to DIO

The grand wizard and vocal technician in history of classic rock and heavy metal sadly passed away just 2 years ago after suffering from cancer, leaving behind all those great songs for all of us to hail! To commemorate the music repertoire by Ronnie James DIO and his related bands, we’re getting together for this TRIBUTE CONCERT to DIO – LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL, raising funds for patients suffering from cancer.

Date: Saturday 27th October

Time: 21.00hrs
Venue: V-GEN, Paceville

Expect music from Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Rainbow and Dio by the band formed especially for this event – Owen Grech, Michael Brigulio, Michael Spiteri, Paul Barbara, Julian Grech, Luciano Schembri. Featured artists include:

Leo (Forsaken); Jordan (Nomad Son/Frenzy Mono); Mikaela; Chris (26OW); Jozi, Paul (Colourblind); Daryl, Angela, Laurence (12thOde); Yorika;Steve Lombardo(BNI); Paul Fiku (Purple Haze);Albert Bell (Nomad Son/Forsaken).

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