Abstrass was formed in 1979 by Erich il-Punk. At the time, punk was simply chaos, noise and violent clashes with the skinheads and rockabiliies of our underground scene. Our hangouts were mostly at the Gzira/Sliema front, and Valletta.

Abstrass jammed at Erich’s home but soon had to stop for causing ‘noise pollution’ to the neighbours which obviously resulted in loads of reports to the Marsa Police Station.

So it became a natural thing to do when Erich decided to squat a place in Tigne’ fortress which was used for storing torpedoes during the occupation of the British forces in Malta. Later on the government and some cultural association gave permission for local bands to take every place or hut and turn them into rehearsal rooms to form ROKARJA. Every year most of the bands that rehearsed at Tigne’ participated in a three day Rockfest.

Back to the band, Abstrass had many line up changes and too many stories to tell. Musicians came and went so I won’t mention any names so no one is left out. But from summer of 1986, the line up always consisted of Erich il-punk (vox), il-Bahri (guitar/vox), il-Hamiemu (drums) and someone else on bass… until the year 2001 when our friend in-nemlu joined for good.

Our only cd album titled ‘Hard to Understand’ was released in the year 2005. It went really well with the local punks because we mixed our 80s style with new tunes but still remaining faithful to our old school punk rock style.

And for the future???

Well as our friend Johnny Rotten once said in 1977, ‘We got no future’, we only live for the present.