Chaotic Remains

The band was created by Storm as the main vocalist and Roderick as the guitarist during a discussion on their influences and styles. After a while, they decided to introduce Eman to the band as a guitarist, which together they worked hard to create the first songs of the band.

After 2 months of music development, they decided to change the style to heavier sound and implemented dark elements combined with black and brutal metal. Roderick recorded the first demo together with Storm and Eman and mixed it with drum loops and the results were the first rough sketches to Bloody Ritual and God’s Manifest.

After 6 months of music development, Demdem joined with the band as a keyboardist and together they worked on new material. During this period of song writing, Justin joined the band as a bassist and gave a huge boost to the band. Ryan joined in the band as a drummer and he’s working very well by giving the heartbeat to the songs. Since then, the band has grew into a brotherhood bringing together different genres of metal.

“Things have changed as one could notice and we promise that the new line up will be launched soon. The Demo recording has been mixed and mastered at Spine Splitter studio and we are preparing to launch our Demo soon” – Chaotic Remains

Chaotic Remains is Storm on Vocals, Roderick & Julian on guitars, Demdem on Drums & Orchestration