Norm Rejection

Widely recognised as Malta’s first band to fuse different styles into a distinctive metal sound, Norm Rejection was founded in 1994. Norm Rejection is known for its songs of rebellion and liberation and for its powerful live performances.

The band’s first release, “Subtly Mesmerized?” (1994) included 3 tracks: “Subtly Mesmerized?”; “Pangea’s Neglect” and “Distorted Visions”.

Subsequently, Norm Rejection released two singles “Trance Upon the Chessboard” (1995) and “Where’s the Green?” (1997) before releasing its two full-length albums “Deconform” (1998) and “0002″ (2000).

In the meantime Norm Rejection songs were included in various international CD compilations, including: French magazine ‘Hard Force’, where “Caged” appeared alongside songs by Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Skinlab and others; “Helping you work to work Volume 6″ by Lockjaw Records (UK), sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine, which included Norm Rejection’s “The Death of the Subject” ; and “Justice for Mark Barnsley”, the international benefit CD for Mark Barnsley, which includes “Faceless”, and other compilations.

In 2007 Norm Rejection released a 5-track EP, ‘Malta Not For Sale’ with DEATH TO MUSIC PRODUCTIONS.

‘Deconform’ and ’0002′ were also re-released as a single package under the Reciprocal Records label in 2008.

Norm Rejection has released its new CD.. ‘BELLIGERENT’… consisting of three brand new tracks – ‘Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz’, ‘Encounter’ and ‘Belligerent’, and, for the first time ever on CD, our debut demo ‘Subtly Mesmerized?’.