R.A.S. (Rage Against Society) was formed by Ray Schembri, on guitar and vox back in 1995. The initial line up which also consisted of Ray Micallef on drums and Jason Mizzi on bass tried to mix the punk rock style with a bit of heavy metal. Soon a small crowd of youths began to follow the band in the gigs around Paola/Tarxien area.

After some time there was the first line up change when Bruce stepped in as the new drummer, Kevin on bass, Clint and Chris on guitars and Ray Schembri vox. With this line up the band had made many gigs around Malta and Gozo. R.A.S. was the first underground band to write songs in Maltese language which made more impact on the Maltese crowd because of the sarcasm of the lyrics. A demo titled ‘Shameless Music’ was recorded but was only distributed between a handful of friends.

In 1999 Steve Lombardo replaced Bruce on the drum kit and is still in the current line up which also have Denis Celik on bass/vox and Ray Schembri guitar/vox. With this line up the band took a more hc/punk approach and lyrically are more political oriented. Back in 2005 the band released a demo titled ‘JINGLE BELLS’, which was a mixture of both Maltese and English lyrics. Now to commemorate the fifteenth year of existence the R.A.S. recorded this album which also features Patti Pattex on vox from the German band ‘Cut My Skin’.