Skimmed are Alex, Daniel, Fede and Toffer.

Malta based quartet skimmed, have quickly established themselves among the local scene as a band who is undeniably in-your-face and full of energy.

The origins of skimmed can be traced back to dark bars with weak drinks and odd smells when the band, as teenagers were entranced by local bands such as Totema, D Strays, Lumiere, BNI, Beangrowers and Dripht. These sparked a yearning to one day be on that stage until at last, in 2007 skimmed, with its original line-up did just this, beginning a series of gigs around the island with several top local bands.

Skimmed have recently launched their debut EP – Your Head Is Too Big For your Crown (recorded and produced by David Vella at Temple Studios). You can hear two tracks from their debut EP on their Myspace. They have also just launched their debut video for single Napoleon!

Skimmed have a familiar yet different sound, echoing the Pixies and a broad range of influences from 80s/90s indie, grunge and punk.

Their songwriting and lyrics sometimes take a narrative perspective. From capturing the frustration of the underappreciated worker and the contempt they hold towards their impertinent superiors (Shitty Jobs) to the recollection of the boredom and recklessness of teens living in a small town area (Bored Games). Other times, they are just strangely surreal (Napoleon).