The Rifffs

Every band has a story to tell and legendary cult band ’The Rifffs ‘ are definitely a band worthy of that story. From landing a record deal with Alternative music distributed by Pinnacle, to having their debut single ‘Dance Music for the 80s Depression’ played by the world famous DJ John Peel which also hit high in the British Alternative charts , this band has more than a story to tell. But the greatest story of all is the fact that their first single stood the test of time and till today is considered a timeless classic .

Now with 11 fantastic songs including the re- mastered ‘Dance Music for the 80s depression’ and a band more united than ever, the Rifffs are back with an album worth the wait. The band launched their album February 2009 and since then they’ve had several requests from various festivals around the world. Whilst Ska bands like ‘The Ordinary Boys’ and ‘Dead 60s’ topped the UK charts recently and legendary bands with the likes of ‘The Specials’ and ‘Madness’ have re- united , with the world global economy going through such a recession , is this faith that The RIFFFS are back with such an timeless album? Only time will tell and in the meantime the band are having a whale of a time playing their unique style of SKA to hundreds of people from all across Europe and the World in general.

Long live ‘THE RIFFFS’ and SKA!